Good links don’t come cheap – but great ones are the envy of the ordinary business person.

So why is it so difficult?

There are logical reasons why link approaches fail or just not doable. Simply put – Authority and high traffic sites are in control, they are in the driving seat and hold the aces, and many of these sites are built for higher purposes and not in it for exchanging links.  There are 2 types of links that are important –  Related links and High Traffic links.

Links are unobtainable for many reasons,

Webmaster Hatred

The Authority/Portal site owners view webmasters as lower forms of life, spammers etc  and this is a very common feeling with many publishers whether its a games site, large personal blog or other portal types, they just view linkbuilders as freeloaders for hire (Seo’s) or direct link swaps (site owner/director)  –  and they view teenager/young adult webmasters as both deemed as undesirables and a pain.

Power and Authority

The fact is large publishers aren’t interested in anything that won’t make them superior, their sites don’t exist to serve sole traders or webmasters – so forget any invitations to advertise or a free ride on such sites.

Personal Attachment

Their Sites have been built up over the years into significant visitor resources and don’t want some low level trader’s site messing up their highly prized link/resource sections.

Unfair Link Swaps

To be on anything large in traffic delivery terms or quality driven, requires some sort of fairness and quality offer to stand a chance of an easy link partnership. Trouble is one side will always have a bigger advantage than the other, so there’s zero incentive for the bigger site. Authority websites won’t link swap as the ‘arrangements’ are always grossly unfair as the bigger site cannot get an equal match in traffic from the lower status website, pretty obvious that one – end result links are removed, if they ever get placed, leaving the low status site without a link.

Low Traffic/Poorly Ranked Webmaster Sites

Unrelated link pages/sites may seem attractive, but the downsides won’t help you to stand out, due to minimal traffic passing to your site, making the link worthless – other bad reasons to know are:

Bad quality sites will eventually shut down making the process pointless. Both the links and effort will be lost forever.

Many select links basing it on the inbounds links it has, which is always a mistake for many reasons like: you won’t know if the partner site is short term only or know its own promotional situation – just bcos it has 5k of links doesn’t mean its promotion is good, as those links could be poor quality, unrelated and could be both, and who is going to bother wading through 100’s of links, checking each one…..

The site may be in serious trouble and about to fold in 6 months time.

The site may be set up to make a quick buck, and as such wont be around for your new shiny link to work.

Many sites don’t actively promote themselves, sitting dead on the web, so your link is worthless.

You’ll never be found on some deep level links page, held in the depths of the rankings at possibly page number 500 and below that in many cases. And no site of high traffic will ever let you on it for free, no matter the amount of lies and claims made by forum SEO’s. so Seo guys are just plain out of luck, and its just life – so just accept it and move on.

Nobody has a crystal ball so won’t know the finances or marketing behind the authority sites, so getting links is a craps shoot, with the best publishers smirking, knowing you’ll never get on their million visitor site/s.

The reality is paid search linking on targeted websites, with the old fashioned blunderbuss approach seriously out of date.


On the 9th Nov 2017 @ 13:20pm, registered on our site –, took ad space from us and didn’t pay.

We sent them invoices and proof of contract below:


Dear Admin,


The following ad listing has just been submitted on your Event Domain website.


Ad Details


Title: Book a Taxi Online Now in London | Minicab London | PlazaOnline


Author: PlazaOnline



(please note the ‘Author’ is clearly PlazaOnline themselves) – we sent the first of many invoices via waveapps invoice software on

9 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018
15 Jan 2018
9 Feb 2018 etc

Due to no response from them, we will take revenge on them using the power of our websites to expose what their like and hopefully help other suppliers avoid doing business with them.  At this time, PlazaOnline are now infront of 25k of visitors per year, with the threat of being posted on Eventdomain’s main site to a further 200k visitors per year.   Plaza should have paid up…. gets 850,033 page requests for 2017 – so far…..   Can we reach 1 million for this year?    We did it for 2016 with Statistics of 1,716,147 page requests, so a million searches is possible.

We all hate those sneaky Seo agencies and link builders who think they can rob a website, place their client links and get away with it for free – they cannot!   So we must unite to fight back, and you can do this easily.   Your website is your property and you alone get to decide who advertises and who doesn’t – and at what price you charge for that service.


Get yourself a CMS – Content Management System
Most good web designers can input one, as standard with most site types. This lets you control, accept, delete adverts etc and all manner of fhings to control client accounts. Wait for the spam and just zap em! – end of problem!

Chances are the seo agencies wont bother to check, but that don’t matter right, their link cant count in the results pages of the major search engines as it ceases to exist and no longer in said website. If they want to waste time doing spam, let em waste it – but not on your mega traffic site ok.

I.P address logger/database

Some spam is just obvious – but some is clever and you want to id where it come from, for this you need a IP number/address – most CMS systems will log every number, where you can do a trace using any number of IP tools out there. Tracing websites will identify the country, state, town and even the users ISP – once you know the third world country where the Seo freelancer comes from, zap all the links, destroying any benefit to them.

If they use a proxy (fake IP number) to hide themselves – just zap em anyway.

If you own a site of a size that promotes others eg: forum, blog etc – you must protect yourself from seo agencies, unless you truly want to let them in for nothing. But they know the great million traffic sites will never let them in and that’s what annoys them and keeps them down and hopefully so they’ll quit for good.

Get a Terms and Conditions for your site

This is a must!! this protects you from agencies/their clients who will claim they know nothing about it – so ensure you lay out a clear picture of your charges so they cant say you were a free site. Put this at least in 2 places on your blog etc. Also put clear pricing elsewhere on your blog/site.

Threaten their clients

Approach Seo agents’s clients and send out tons of invoices and letters – this works to hassle them into paying up or makes them nervous about possible legal action if they dont pay up.


Put clear pricing/fees on your site

Make sure you add this in big bold fonts or a decent designed graphic image – this not only protects you and informs potential real clients, but acts as a detterent to some spammers, as they wont list their clients to a site that has a policy of charging, or it at least reduces some direct spam.


Eventdomain is a medium sized company, part of a larger group that promotes hospitality websites and businesses.   Why not visit today and find out what we can do for your business.



Eventdomain’s sister site, got 228,950  page requests for June 2016.   This comes close to January’s figure of 250,475 requests, and we should reach this on a per monthly basis by 2017, which proves our sites work – so we wish to thank all our searchers –  Thank You!

Venuedomain had 359,045 page requests for our first quarter of 2016.  Also 23.1% of monthly visitors stay on our site for 1 hour plus while conducting searches.

Eventdomain smashes all expectations by managing to serve over 1000 advertisers.   The interest in our websites has been fantastic – so thank you all.

Venuedomain reaches 250,475 page requests so far by Feb 2016.  We expect to reach 1 million mark by May,   which is great news for advertisers.

A further 56 companies now use    to help promote their services including:,  Sian Events,  Echo Staffing,  Europa Security,  Seasons Photobooth,  Golden Heritage and many more.

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Eventdomain wins its 6th Business Award


Following months of rigorous analysis and deliberation, we are pleased to inform you that is a winner in the 2015 UK Corporate Excellence Awards, and has been named:”

Best for Event Suppliers Solutions – UK


Eventdomain wishes to thank the Organiser for their vote of confidence and now confirms Eventdomain as one of the top publishers in the UK, without any doubt.     So why not search our sites to help plan your next event.