On 27 Nov 2017 a company called SandwichPlatterDelivery advertised on Eventdomain.co.uk and didn’t pay us.   We discovered they used an SEO agency using the address  IP: which we traced back to  Bengaluru, Karnataka, India – they are using broadband provider Airtel.

After Invoices and reminders sent out,  we received a hostile reception and denials they ever used our service etc etc – the usual stuff,  but our contractual documents sent out say otherwise, plus proof of their hired SEO agents via Internet Protocol address caught them out.   They even uploaded a logo to our site, which had to be re-sized by them to our technical specs or it won’t work, so we know they used software to do that, and we forwarded the contract and Terms to support the creation of legal relations:

Watch the Video for all the evidence.




Good links don’t come cheap – but great ones are the envy of the ordinary business person.

So why is it so difficult?

There are logical reasons why link approaches fail or just not doable. Simply put – Authority and high traffic sites are in control, they are in the driving seat and hold the aces, and many of these sites are built for higher purposes and not in it for exchanging links.  There are 2 types of links that are important –  Related links and High Traffic links.

Links are unobtainable for many reasons,

Webmaster Hatred

The Authority/Portal site owners view webmasters as lower forms of life, spammers etc  and this is a very common feeling with many publishers whether its a games site, large personal blog or other portal types, they just view linkbuilders as freeloaders for hire (Seo’s) or direct link swaps (site owner/director)  –  and they view teenager/young adult webmasters as both deemed as undesirables and a pain.

Power and Authority

The fact is large publishers aren’t interested in anything that won’t make them superior, their sites don’t exist to serve sole traders or webmasters – so forget any invitations to advertise or a free ride on such sites.

Personal Attachment

Their Sites have been built up over the years into significant visitor resources and don’t want some low level trader’s site messing up their highly prized link/resource sections.

Unfair Link Swaps

To be on anything large in traffic delivery terms or quality driven, requires some sort of fairness and quality offer to stand a chance of an easy link partnership. Trouble is one side will always have a bigger advantage than the other, so there’s zero incentive for the bigger site. Authority websites won’t link swap as the ‘arrangements’ are always grossly unfair as the bigger site cannot get an equal match in traffic from the lower status website, pretty obvious that one – end result links are removed, if they ever get placed, leaving the low status site without a link.

Low Traffic/Poorly Ranked Webmaster Sites

Unrelated link pages/sites may seem attractive, but the downsides won’t help you to stand out, due to minimal traffic passing to your site, making the link worthless – other bad reasons to know are:

Bad quality sites will eventually shut down making the process pointless. Both the links and effort will be lost forever.

Many select links basing it on the inbounds links it has, which is always a mistake for many reasons like: you won’t know if the partner site is short term only or know its own promotional situation – just bcos it has 5k of links doesn’t mean its promotion is good, as those links could be poor quality, unrelated and could be both, and who is going to bother wading through 100’s of links, checking each one…..

The site may be in serious trouble and about to fold in 6 months time.

The site may be set up to make a quick buck, and as such wont be around for your new shiny link to work.

Many sites don’t actively promote themselves, sitting dead on the web, so your link is worthless.

You’ll never be found on some deep level links page, held in the depths of the rankings at possibly page number 500 and below that in many cases. And no site of high traffic will ever let you on it for free, no matter the amount of lies and claims made by forum SEO’s. so Seo guys are just plain out of luck, and its just life – so just accept it and move on.

Nobody has a crystal ball so won’t know the finances or marketing behind the authority sites, so getting links is a craps shoot, with the best publishers smirking, knowing you’ll never get on their million visitor site/s.

The reality is paid search linking on targeted websites, with the old fashioned blunderbuss approach seriously out of date.


On the 22 Mar 2018 @ 12:31pm   Premier Carriage registered on our site – Eventdomain.co.uk, took ad space from us and didn’t pay.

We sent them invoices and proof of contract below:


Dear Admin,

The following ad listing has just been submitted on your Event Domain website.


Ad Details


Title: Premier Carriage

Category: Car Rental

Author: Premiercarriage


Several invoices and reminders were sent, but their lies were pathetic I think a ten year old could have come up with far better, this is what they did eg:   On 22 March we received automated email from our system proving they took an advert under the username Premiercarriage, using the email premiercarriageuk@gmail.com – so both names match perfectly as does the title and author details, all attached to the IP number:   So we ran a trace on it and it’s located in Bhopal, India, so now we know they used an SEO freelancer,  and IP addresses don’t lie – to add further evidence, we captured their web address and logo they had uploaded, further identifying their company.

Their first comms was quite professional I guess, but even then the lies of Didier (the MD) started flowing eg:

“Thank you Chris, I do not recognise the email address used to register, I have also just searched my inbox but cannot see any communication”

See, what’s wrong with that is 2 contractual documents are sent automatically by the system right to the email their agent used, so it was certainly in that inbox for sure,  so we humoured them and sent them a 2nd time, meaning both sets were date and time-stamped and saved in evidence.   So Didier tried some misdirection  “The text on this ad is very dated by 2 years, And this page was created recently  on your site?   Have you got anything else than the 2 attachment provided as I am slightly concerned now about this”

Yes Didier,  you just admitted receiving 2 contractual documents with your company details all over them, attached to one Indian IP address lol.  The rest is laughable so I’ll save it for the official video and we will really expose their incompetence and deception.

Right now, Premier Carriage are now infront of 25k of visitors per year, with the threat of being posted on Eventdomain’s main site to a further 100k visitors per year.




On the 22 Dec 2017 @ 19:32  Crescent Industrial registered on our site – Eventdomain.co.uk, and took ad space from us and didn’t pay.  They used a Search Engine Optimisation freelancer who’s IP number is and their client Crescent Industrial’s advert was registered from Jaipur, India.

We sent them invoices and proof of contract below:


Dear Admin,

The following ad listing has just been submitted on your Event Domain website.


Ad Details


Title: Crescent Industrial

Category: Cleaning Supplies

Author: Crescentindustrial



– we sent the first of many invoices via waveapps invoice software on

27 Dec 2017

so we phoned them to discuss their debt and they abused us and then blocked our number – hmmm, so this is how they do business eh….  Due to non payment, we will take revenge on them using the power of our websites to expose what their like and hopefully help other suppliers avoid doing business with them.  At this time, Crescent Industrial are now infront of 25k of visitors per year, with the promise of being posted on Eventdomain’s main site to a further 200k visitors per year, if the total outstanding amount isn’t paid.

Eventdomain smashes all expectations by managing to serve over 1000 advertisers.   The interest in our websites has been fantastic – so thank you all.

A further 56 companies now use Eventdomain.co.uk    to help promote their services including:

CarpetCleanersCleaning.co.uk,  Sian Events,  Echo Staffing,  Europa Security,  Seasons Photobooth,  Golden Heritage and many more.

Corporate Vision Best for Event Suppliers Solutions - UK

Eventdomain wins its 6th Business Award


Following months of rigorous analysis and deliberation, we are pleased to inform you that Eventdomain.co.uk is a winner in the 2015 UK Corporate Excellence Awards, and has been named:”

Best for Event Suppliers Solutions – UK


Eventdomain wishes to thank the Organiser for their vote of confidence and now confirms Eventdomain as one of the top publishers in the UK, without any doubt.     So why not search our sites to help plan your next event.

>>  County Court Judgement (CCJ)  –  Bad Debtor  – do not trust this company as they lost in County Court  Ref:  B9QZ5A91

Click4cab is a bad, dodgy debtor and now has a CCJ against their name for non payment of the debt to Eventdomain.

The director’s name is Ali Quereshi       This is what we believe he looks like:

Ali Qureshi  Director  Click4Cab Ltd

>  County Court details of claim:

Do not trust this company or supply them with services.  Like all gutless debtors, the director has ‘done a runner’ to Lahore, Pakistan, but we believe his company still operates within the UK.

On 15th August and 19th August 2014, 2 listings were submitted to Eventdomain from Click4Cab Ltd, these are their clients Godalming Taxi and Guilldford Taxi. (Doc 1 & 2). An online contract was agreed to on the 15th & 19th August 2014 (Docs 19,26,27,28,29,30)

On 3rd September, invoices 1308/1309 sent – no reply (Doc 3 & 4)

On 8th September, invoices 1310/1311 sent – no reply (Doc 5 & 1)

On 11th September, invoices 1312/1313 sent – no reply (Doc 6 & 7)

Barking Trading Standards say its Click4Cab who is the legal advertiser. (Doc 18)

We can prove that Click4Marketing promotes Click4Cab on its Facebook page , and Click4Marketing were hired by Click4Cab. (Doc 17).

On 24th October, invoices for both Godalming/Guildford Taxi listings requesting payment were sent – no reply (Doc 20 & 21)

On 27th October, invoices and letters sent requesting full payment of £660 to Mr Ali – no reply. (Doc 22 & 23)

On 21st & 24th Feb 2015, invoices and letters sent requesting full payment which now stands at £740, no reply from Mr Ali.

On 12th Sept 2015 a 3rd listing was submitted from Click4Cab Ltd, this is their client Frimley Taxis. On 25th April 2015, invoice sent for a third listing of their client – Frimley Taxis..

>>   A County Court Judgement was awarded against Click4Cab Ltd on 20th May 2015 for £890.00  + £60 court costs and further interest.

Its 10 years since Eventdomain went live online, and makes us one of the oldest websites on the web.  Since our innovative climb, we’ve had meetings with MD’s, Professional Institutes, Charities etc, been in the National media, gained branded clients such as Dettol and Securitas, had millions of views and hundreds of thousands of visitors.   ED’s won awards, been a national finalist, a ton of local media and made profits, plus expanded the company with a real search engine called Venuedomain.com, paid for out of profits.    We estimate we’ll make 100k in profit within the next 3 years just from Eventdomain alone, and will expand further into publishing online.

Katie Price BB 2

Reports are circulating that Katie Price is to get £500k to enter the house this year.   Is this not a teeny tiny tad too much for an appearance fee?    Oh well, that’s the game I suppose.