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Anywhere Sameday Couriers aka – Anywhere Ltd,   listed with and didn’t want to pay us for additional services provided, so threatened and abused us via electronic mail and telephone, thus committing a criminal offense under Uk law,  so Alec Simmonds is now a real life criminal  (Crime/Incident Number:  5102601/12)  for harrassment under malicious calls and malicious comms which breaks the Malicious Communications Act 1988.

Eventdomain can easily prove delivery of a service to ALL our clients, and Trading Standards don’t have a problem with our activities as a business, based on the evidence of what we provided to our clients, our clear Terms & Conditions which he agreed to.   We have many copies of other documents that proves paid service and on-line contract, plus his email where he swore at us directly – so lots of printed/written documentation in our favour, identifying him and his company for harrassment.

Eventdomain has consulted with Solicitors who clearly informed us of our legal options about sueing Mr Simmonds for harrassment and we will pursue this case.