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The highly popular website, Eventdomain is now a top destination in London.   It has recieved top ranking of  #6,782, for London-based websites, which are calculated by Amazon’s  search service

“ has been online for at least eight years. It has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of London (#6,782).”

Thus, further stamping our authority as one of the top UK websites around.   In addition, ED has risen to # 16,507 in the UK rankings, where 62% of its visitors come from the UK. has added an ‘enquiries sender’ functionality to its website.    Its basically a form attached to every client account, where searchers can send actual enquiries straight to advertisers inboxes.

Although not a new thing for the web, Eventdomain thought it would be a good upgrade for clients, so visitors can contact them directly, as well as being able to visit websites and phone through enquiries.

Eventdomain is the Search face of the Event sector, as such we’ve ‘been around’ and got the t-shirt, but as yet we are still waiting for our first major awards win, but have made some impressive Final spots!

This makes us a 4-time Finalist in business award competitions, 1 local,  2 time at Regional level and another at National level, making us one of the very best businesses in the UK.   Our positions are as follows:

Thames Gateway Awards 2009 –  Innovation
London Business Awards 2010 –  On-line Business of the Year
Virtual Business Awards  2010 –   National Finalist
B&D Business Awards 2011 – Finalist

still waiting for that major awards title, can we do it?   surely we cannot be denied….  watch this space

The events website Eventdomain, is featured in the US – media website –  

Eventdomain continues to make internet news headlines and will expand further

Not many know that universities offer Conference & Event venues, so Eventdomain has invited 34 uni’s to show what they offer.

The uni’s have quite established event backgrounds in their own right, and can offer businesses top conference facilities and services like the  – something that businesses may not have considered outside the traditional venue finding route.   Here are some Education venues we strongly promote and the traffic we send them each year:

University of Oxford  –  165 visitors sent

University Hertfordshire  –  217 visitors sent

University of  Bedfordshire  –  144 visitors sent

University of London  –  158  visitors sent

University of York  –  182

so if your a college or university, please consider  for your venue promotion today!