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Event Domain


1.  I forgot my password

Just go to the login screen and enter the email you registered with, and your username/password will be sent

2.  How many members has Eventdomain got?

ED has currently over 10’000 registered suppliers using the site.

3.  Does ED offer stats to record/monitor client listings performance?

Yes, we currently have a recording system for each client that displays pageviews of each client page eg:  it shows total views (searches) and views for that day.  This will be upgraded to monthly and a yearly total accessible by clients later on in the year.

4.   How much traffic does Eventdomain get?

Eventdomain, so far, has gotten 12.5 million page requests during the last 2 years.   This translates into 1.23 million visitors sent  to our registered clients.  This is phenomenal for such a website – many go bust trying this.

5.   How famous is the Eventdomain?

Eventdomain was featured in the Daily Mirror in 08, which went out to approx 8.9 million readers.  We’ve also been in Marketing Week, YahooNews and on WorldNews.com plus a ton of local press, so probably a good 100’000 people know about us.  Also at least 50% of monthly traffic bookmarks the Eventdomain and regularly return visits.   So we’re quite well-known already.

6.   Do you spam companies?

No, we most certainly do not!    We have a client database that we send out regular client emails to about our service, but that’s all.  Most of our company news is housed on our blog, so this cuts down our email contact.   

7.   Can we get a free listing with you?

Sadly no longer.  We were spammed so much by SEO agents that managing the workload was unworkable.  We do offer other free options as part of your service eg: free logo, free weblink, so what your getting is great value compared to other websites.


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