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Corporate Events are various activities designed to build motivation within a work group and implant the mindset of trust and/or cohesion because companies believe it makes a team perform better, but its success depends on the type of activity on offer.

Groups of 7 to 12 of the team attends Corporate Events also known as team building weekends or days, usually down to the firm feeling a problem exists and needs sorting, which isnt always the case. Often team days arent arranged for purposes of reward or relaxation, but instead exist to force allegiance or forced group bonding when it isnt welcome or at the wrong time. Bad examples of corporate events are, boring team games like stupid trust exercises such as blindfolding someone and asking them to run as fast as they can into 2 other members – its boring and does nothing to inspire trust and has nothing to do with reward whatsoever.

Reward is an incentive for doing well, and when the team does good, they need decent, fun rewards like: Go Karting, Quad Bikes, Fun Casinos, Clay Pigeon Shooting etc and this is what Corporate Event suppliers provide.

Go Karting

A very fun sport too, did this myself at a friends stag do, the karts were petrol driven, single engine and capable of reaching 45 mph.  We raced at some Karting track, prices from £35 per person, had 10 races and got fastest lap.  An extra 5 races were thrown in at a reduced rate, so look out for offers if you decide on it.    But I can recommend it as a great corporate event day out for your team.

Quad Biking

Did this somewhere, cant remember where, but was ok, pretty fun but tough to control the bike as the corners were pretty tight. Not bad and better than silly team-based games or banging drums copying the instructor, like on many team days out.

Fun Casinos

If you’re into gambling, without the loss of real cash, then this is for you!   I did this at Rollerbowl Essex, the dealers were all proper Casino dealers and had to be licensed by law,  Its good fun and a real team type of event, played individually ofcourse…  usually held in the evening with large groups attending from one company at a time.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Nothing like watch a clay being blasted apart from a double-barrelled shotgun. You can shoot single and double traps. Using Baretta 12 gauge shotguns for about £35- £50ish for an amount of shots fired, and its good fun. Some clubs are owned/have National Shooting Champions and expert instructors that guide you through the event, with competitions being available.

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Event Security

Event security london is one of ‘crowd control’ combined with basic security duties like patrolling, pass/I.D checks and access control.    But the main difference is one of venue control, to secure the venue internally and externally by placement of multiple officers at key points.

Venue officers can be known as Event Stewards, Security Officers, or just plain Guards – but the role is the same which is to protect the delegates, the public, premises and suppliers from threats or just to see the event runs without incident.

The Security Guard

These are either from a military background or tend to be civillians from other industries.  Requirements tend to be for people with extensive customer/people facing backgrounds as events require dealing with the public directly.    The most preferred personnel are likely from Retail, Hospitality, Customer Services or those who hold qualifications/training in those areas.

There’s no such thing as ‘the best’ operative or guard  –  ALL security staff are qualified and now legally have to be so whether its Static Guarding, Close Protection trained or Mobile Officers who previously sat at least the Security Industry Training Organisation (SITO) 4 day course and qualification to operate in the UK.    Now the standards are higher and require potential officers to be licensed by at least passing either the Level 2 Award in Security Guarding or Level 2 Award in Door Supervision, both offered by National Open College Network and City & Guilds.

The Security Agency

You have 2 types – the general (with event security segment)  and event security specialist agencies.   General agencies can easily supply guards to cover events,  but sometimes large events/venues demand a higher calibre or status of guard – or one that specialises in event security.  Such guards – can provide a more efficient service as their well-drilled and experienced with venue operations,  but usually smaller events request merely a ‘presense’ to keep crowd conflict to a minimum.   So contracts will depend on a client’s needs and thus the type of guards deployed to sites.

Securing the Venue

Venue Security London is one of Access Control and Patrolling.  Now, usually venues have 2 access points (front and rear), with one to two guards at each point, perhaps a metal detector and detection wands for premises with large footfall and depending on the event type.  Depth of security will depend on size of event, for instance a concert requires larger security than a nightclub venue would, that relies on minimal door staff.

Searching is done in a set way eg:  male on male and female on female, this is to prevent any females visitors from accusing male officers of rape, touching etc –  although its rare and with current laws, it’s a very risky undertaking.   Most guards are ‘contract’  which means their hired in via a security guard company such as Chubb or 1st Security Guards etc,  duties are often patrolling, issuing tickets, directing traffic, searching the public, checking passes or ejecting trouble-makers from the venue, ensuring the event remains enjoyable.  Guards/Officers will switch roles from static to patrols around the venue, to protect the public, control numbers, and perform general safety checks.


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Party Organisers specialise in setting up parties.  Unlike event organisers who will design any event, the party organiser sticks to party planning for the private and business sectors.  This means the service between client and organiser is kept more personal, bespoke and well-drilled, thus a hopefully faster, better more quality result for clients.

Bespoke party planning often involves some sort of applied theme based on the event occassion eg:  spy games, circus party, fancy dress, drag event, casino party, James Bond etc.    So above all, the aim for party organisers is to ensure the smooth set-up and running of the event to its conclusion, leaving the client to enjoy themselves without worry.

Some events will require niche event set design, and hiring of other specialists which will add to the total cost of the event.  Party organsiers now offer a one-stop shop service, that even includes total event management, providing external supplies like the venue itself, catering and even arranging entertainment like DJ’s and bar service.   Some party organisers stock a wide range of event supplies already, and if budget is tight we suggest you seek out such providers.

The Party organiser will help you to:

1. Decide on a budget by determining the amount to spend on food, entertainment, venue hire, invitations and other details.

2. Plan your idea eg:  decide on your theme.  Make sure your theme is appropriate to the crowd for which you are planning.

3.  They can plan the guest list, the decor, menu, selecting vendors or just do some basic things for you.

don’t forget the party expert is there to help YOU, so listen to suggestions, tips and advice as they will want to do the best job they can in order to retain you as a customer.

We have a list of 337 event consultants to choose from, so you can plan your party quickly and easily.

In many companies, conference planning is combined with other promotional duties.

Very large companies may have their own conference departments with staff responsible for coordinating the arrangements for sales, staff conferences,  product launches and special events.  Other firms employ freelance conference organisers when they don’t have the resources or time for planning.

Conference Organisers select and book suitable venues, organise invitations and accommodation for the delegates.  They also deal with paperwork, arrange catering, reception facilities, any special equipment needed (such as video, projectors, lighting etc), media coverage and a host of other details.

Conference Centres and hotels that specialise in hosting conferences will have their own conference rooms, staff and have arrangements with external suppliers so the best service can be provided.

Event Organisers

Event Organisers or event planners now take on the whole event planning process.  They plan festivals, parties, even industry award evenings, which are likely held at hotels, reception halls or outdoors depending on the needs of the event.

Once the location is set, the event organiser needs to prepare the event with staff, set up any entertainment and keep in contact with the clients.   There are many event professionals, infact there are quite a few resources to use as a starting point like which has over 10’000 event suppliers listed, so you’ll always be sure to find a good conference supplier.

Venue finding is a lengthy process taking anything upto 4 months to secure a basic function room locally. This is because venues and function rooms can be booked for upto 24 months in advance for Corporate/Business Events or Private Parties and Celebrations, so ensure you allow lots of time just for the venue search alone – as extra time is needed to track down event suppliers as well. 

When party planning for instance, it took me 4 months to source a basic pub function room, with the never-ending enquires checking availability, being fobbed off by inexperienced staff, the pub manager not being available, venues being over budget or just not the right theme or capacity – this cannot be avoided and is part of what you must endure when hunting for venues.



I suggest these tips when venue hunting:


1. Start with a list of at least 30 venues (many will be booked up during popular periods eg: April, June, July and December).

2. Search for the Venue first – it’s the most important thing when event planning!

3. Do consider the time involved for booking any Event supplies you may need eg: DJ, Caterers, Restaurant etc.

4. Public House venues usually ‘open up’ the bar, so an additional drinks service isn’t needed. Some know local suppliers such as Djs, and can arrange this for you, others can supply a buffet, and furniture etc. Do check for any extra costs when being offered local services arranged by the venue.

5. Try and get a venue that’s local, consider travel time to and from the venue, plus local ones will be cheaper than say the West End of London.

6. Try and source a venue/function room on the ground floor – if possible…..


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Some hotels in London are not just places to rest your weary head they are destinations in themselves – the fact that they are in the one of the greatest cities in the world is a bonus. The great iconic hotels in London have seen it all, here are just a few anecdotes and facts from a handful of the great hotels in London.

One of the coolest rock and roll hotels in London has to be The Portobello in Notting Hill Gate. A bohemian heaven and one of the few hotels in London that doesn’t really court publicity but attracts the coolest of the cool. Of all of the hotels in London this hotel in London was the one that Kate Moss and Johnny Depp indulged in a lovely bubbly champagne bath together.

Hotels in London are renowned for their character, The Gore in Kensington most definitely falls into this hotels in London category. It is said that this hotel in London has over 5,000 pictures on its walls and is (we believe) the only one of the many hotels in London to boast Judy Garland’s bed!

Massive mega stars love hotels in London for a number of reasons – but perhaps for high profile guests like Madonna one of the most important attributes for these kinds of hotels in London must be privacy – The Berkley is one of these hotels in London. Probably one most stylish hotels in London, each of the 214 rooms has been individually designed by leading design experts. The Berkeley is also home to the Blue Bar and a has magnificent roof top pool.

If you really want to be in with the ‘in crowd’ why find one of the hotels in London that is actually owned and designed by a member of the ‘in crowd’. The perfect example of these kinds of hotels in London has to be the Anouschka Hempel designed Blakes and The Hempel. Blakes in South Kensington is one of the hotels in London that has been attracting the great and the good of the entertainment world for decades. It is one of the hotels in London that pays extraordinary attention to every little detail – each room is different and totally unique. From the same hotels in London stable, The Hempel is a shrine to state of the art design, of all of the hotels in London this is probably one of the most serene in its own unique way.

If you really want to live it up like a mega star head to The Metropolitan. This hotel in London has seen them all – Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Julia Roberts, George Clooney – the guest list of this hotel in London reads like an Oscar nomination list.

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We love this sector, worked in it for years even before setting up our own company – so am amazed when visiting some Public house venues this week, that quite a few weren’t activly promoting themselves effectively, and in some cases, not at all, at least online anyway.

One in particular, failed to even have a web page devoted to their function room – now why?  The function room website looked professionally designed, so I took a look at its venue page,  but when viewing,  it was almost lacking information like:  Venue room sizes, Hire fees and zero images to sell it to me.   

This is underselling so bad,  when a half-decent effort, some text and images could turn it around and sell this room for £150/£200 a time, and if they sold it just 100  times a year @ £150, it would make them an extra £15’000  – and that’s only 100 bookings, which is small fry compared to what they could do as most Pubs have more than one function room.

You know, bit of advertising in the right media like   and they could be coining it in……