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Its 10 years since Eventdomain went live online, and makes us one of the oldest websites on the web.  Since our innovative climb, we’ve had meetings with MD’s, Professional Institutes, Charities etc, been in the National media, gained branded clients such as Dettol and Securitas, had millions of views and hundreds of thousands of visitors.   ED’s won awards, been a national finalist, a ton of local media and made profits, plus expanded the company with a real search engine called, paid for out of profits.    We estimate we’ll make 100k in profit within the next 3 years just from Eventdomain alone, and will expand further into publishing online.

Katie Price BB 2

Reports are circulating that Katie Price is to get £500k to enter the house this year.   Is this not a teeny tiny tad too much for an appearance fee?    Oh well, that’s the game I suppose.

More proof that niche websites work is a further 80 companies have registered on Eventdomain in July.

Some of the names are:
Queens Theatre London
Spice Village Catering
Flower Delivery Co

this makes 1775 companies and websites who opted for Eventdomain’s services over the last 3 years.   We are one of the top websites in London now, (ranked by Alexa), so why not use us for part of your online campaign today.   ED delivered in excess of 900 visitors for just one of our advertisers, within a 12 month period, so it works.

Eventdomain gets huge influx of account members now using the website.  They signed up over a 3 year period – so about 500 per year which is great news, and further proves the popularity of niche websites.

ED now looks forward to a very successful future, but realises it cannot remain relaxed as more work is needed.   A positive is that ED now gets an extra 20’000 visitors per year, and feel we can reach 200k by 2015.

As promised our user stats for 2011-2012.

ED had an average of 6000 page requests per sub-category, so that’s 6000 x 336 categories = 2’016’000 requests not including previous years.  A Rough guide of 50% of users clicking to client websites gives us a delivery of at least 1 million plus visitors.

On average we provide clients with 200 to 1000 clickthroughs to their websites.  This was achieved by our National Press coverage which went out to 8.5 million in 2008 and local coverage in 20 local newspapers in 2010/11 .    ED was also featured in Hotel business magazine, Marketing Week and Yahoo News


Scott Mason has been ticked off by Big Brother for constant rule breaking.

He claimed that Deana has a “Slapability factor”.

Scott has been warned previously by BB, for a string of remarks about using aftershave as a drink and racist comments.

His latest comments were about Deana’s model credentials.

“There’s no model about her – its just rediculous”

Becky BB

BB’s Becky Hannon has threatened to walk out due to comments from Luke Anderson this week.

Luke said:  “Becky has as much respect for me as she does her BMI”

Becky told friend, Scott Mason:   “I just wanna go, dont want it to upset my family”

Big Brother continues on channel 5….

BB Conor

Housemate Conor McIntyre has hinted he may walk off the channel 5 show.

The fitness trainer discussed with other housemates that he could walk out of the house.  Conor survived last Friday’s eviction, responded badly about  losing Arron Lowe.

Sara McLean said “If you walk, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life”

Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling  claims he has no control over the Big Brother crowds.

“I don’t encourage the big brother audience to boo”    –  Since the BB series started in 2000, many contestants have been boo’d, and its a natural part of the show, but has been revealed as a quirk rather than something organised by the BB producers.


Arron Lowe has become the 5th contestant to be evicted from the big brother house.

He lost out to fellow eviction nominees:  Conor, Deana and Becky.   When it was announced, Arron shouted:  “Yeah, F**k off!”  and kicked a flag.

In his interview later he said,  “not really that bothered” from all the boos that greeted him.

He finished by saying that he wanted Becky out next and Conor to win.