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Eventdomain is going from strength to strength and being recognised as a major force in search for the Event industry.  This is confirmed by much interest as companies seek our help in promoting them.    We continue to feature roughly 200 businesses every month, in Jan 09, 190 event companies including:

Pressmart,   Shaken&,  Lime Tree Security,,  etc.  came to us for assistance with their advertising campaigns.

Eventdomain is working hard to drive traffic to the event industry and help event planners to find the right businesses for their needs.  Help us by recommending us to friends and colleagues, and you can do that easily here

Eventdomain welcomes a further 136 businesses in Sept 08.  We have nearly 6000 companies listed with us, which shows word is spreading about us.

Advertisers for September include:

UK Copiers Online,  Total Vehicle Leasing,  Putterfingers,  Mobas,,  Events Ltd,  Astral Hygiene,  IMG Speakers,  Great Deals,  London Remade,  The 3d Centre,  Dreamline Events,  Altitude Events,  IB Transcription,  Legend Events,  Create Events,  Viva Vegas.

5’472 UK businesses now use Eventdomain for their targeted promotion.  We aim to have 10’000 clients listed by Dec 2008, and as word spreads about the site, we think this is possible.

More sites added themselves this month including:

The Orbit Mobile Cocktail Bar, Techno Consultancy,  Vinsys Technologies,  Pepito,  Cartridge Shop, Stonehill Office Supplies,  iYogi,  Teamforce Paintball,  Digeus.Inc and many more.

Infact about 400 businesses advertise with us a month now, so word of mouth is spreading fast.    We find that it’s not just the Event profession that use us, many other services advertise and search Eventdomain every day, which proves our popularity is growing and that we can deliver value for money services.

These are traffic figures we sent to some of our many clients in 2007:

Travelingo World Travel    251 Clicks

Compass    360 Clicks

Rural Productions Ltd     343 Clicks

City Printing Solutions    156 Clicks

DJ & Disco Stuff    257 Clicks

CTL    170 Clicks

Clickajob    133 Clicks

Coffee Cups & Mugs    171 Clicks

Corporate Solutions    186 Clicks

CareerFriend    168 Clicks

Carpet Time    221 Clicks

Communications Southern    120 Clicks

Diversey Lever    197 Clicks

Deba Daniels Cake Shop   332 Clicks

Eventjobs   243 Clicks

This proves that Eventdomain works to provide targeted traffic for your event-related business. Check back often for more news on Eventdomain.

Eventdomain is getting tons of advertisers and listings, infact averaging 200 per month!      Some of our recent advertisers:

  • MyBusinessIncentive
  • Engrave It
  • Trimetals
  • CheckCost
  • Event Supplies UK
  • Rede2 Ltd
  • Destin8 Ltd
  • Arts Incorporated
  • Evergreen Team Concepts
  • PP Entertainments
  • Inside Out Events
  • DJ Sounds
  • Custom Wines
  • Amazing Days Scotland
  • White Noise
  • Ancient Peaks
  • Lighthouse Graphics
  • Butterfly
  • Direct Live

This is what Eventdomain is all about, so please add your company today.   But remember you must be Event related or offer an Event service to be included.

Watch this blog for further happenings.

And we have another load of companies advertise with us this November – this is great news.   Many chose our £60 sponsored adverts, and we have another 2 major clients for our homepage advert service. and Powerwaves –  both event businesses, went for our 12 month sponsored adverts on our search engine pages.    This is great for them as they get increased exposure above normal listings (not forgetting targeted event-type visitors ofcourse).

Read testimonials from some of our happy customers here:

Interest in the Eventdomain service has escalated with yet more businesses opting for our sponsored adverts.  Naturally many Event type suppliers like our service, in particular – Event Consultancies, Conference Organisers and Hotels, making up most of the adverts at ths time.

We visited a few public relations agencies in the past few months, and are having our second meeting with one of them on Monday 15th Oct in London.   We are a serious company, and intend to deliver a high standard of service to the public when they use us to search for Event Suppliers.

Full steam ahead, so watch this blog for more updates.   Thanks for your time.

443 businesses took advertising with us in October 2007 – with 57 opting for paid sponsored adverts in our search results pages.  Standing out on the web is tough enough, and the sponsored ad slots really do make all the difference when attracting the targeted buyers.

Companies that advertised in sponsored slots on Eventdomain are:

Self Storage Directory, Real Computers,,  AvonLea Services,  Just Consultancy,  Lendal Tower,  KP Event Catering,  PlanX Web Design, Coliglia,  Your Student House,  Tripmama,  TopCat Entertainment,  Ace Consult Security,  Banbury Labels,,,,  Hatsplus,  Deepsun Import Export etc etc.

Eventdomain is the real deal…….

ED is becoming very popular, infact we have hundreds of sites begging for entry – but we only allow certain types in our index, thus keeping us exclusive.  Some recent new clients include:

Direct Data Cabling,  Satellite Design,  Podweb,  kr-badges, Top Hat Events,  The Flemings Mayfair Hotel and many others.

We have some branded clients as well:

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Business Serve
  • Dettol
  • Diversey Lever

and these companies came to us for a reason – they trust us and know we can deliver!     All fully checkable, naturally…………     So why not use us as well, we are here for you.