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Eventdomain has officially 500 venues on its books!   It took over 12 months of contacting and sweat to achieve this feat, and we’ve done it!   But, we at eventdomain manor don’t believe its enough, as when our founder was looking for his venue, he couldn’t find one locally as after contacting 50 odd venues, they were all booked/taken – so no wonder this is a problem for many when trying to set up an event….    If users can’t get the venue, never mind the venue of choice, they often have to cancel original plans and totally re-plan entire events, which is disappointing and wastes time.  Eventdomain hopes to eliminate this problem by matching event planners to event suppliers and remove much of the hassle of search.

We feel once word spreads about our search service, this will attract more venues to use Eventdomain, and this will drive business to those venues, and in turn related event suppliers will be needed to fill these venues, thus helping the public with event planning.

So feel free to search Eventdomain, and good luck in finding the right venue for you.