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Wow, this is getting good, we just got in our 3rd newspaper – Stratford and Newham Express.   This went out to 34,279 readers, 

so once again a big thank-you to Archant London, cheers guys!

We had our 2nd photo-shoot in the Press with Barking & Dagenham Post and appeared in April.   The story went out to 33,072 readers, and the paper is owned by the Archant London Group of Newspapers – so thanks Archant, we appreciate you doing that for Eventdomain.

The shoot was done by a freelance photographer and took about 5 minutes, so was over pretty fast.  The story was good and great for getting us infront of a huge local community.

Its been an exciting time at Eventdomain manor, we are developing our 2nd website, got some magazine coverage and new clients.

So we’ve been busy accepting more Event suppliers, so here’s a few of them:

Nobelcom UK
Hands On
Inventive Events
Allclean 2020
Uptown Events
1st Hire Wall to Wall Communications
Photo on canvas
Display Audio
Yes Entertainment
World of Barbeque
Recruitment Agency
Moonlight Serenade
Economy Leasing UK
Pony Express
Speakers Corner

and this is more proof that companies love Eventdomain and what it does.