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Eventdomain is designed for one thing – “To promote hospitality sector companies”.

ED is set up as a promotion platform.   While most websites, portals and search engines are still okay for searching, they cannot promote effectively as the information is not all in one place, and is too general in nature.  Junk info and unrelated websites, blogs and personal sites make searching harder, as the searcher MUST wade through the junk – to find the key-specific industry info, so its not ideal in today’s busy world.   So we now have industry-specific engines and portals that make search faster…..  these are often labelled as ‘niche’,  ‘specialist’,  ‘vortals’  or ‘vertical’  engines, and they blow general engines apart in terms of speed searching and targeting.   

Also known as ‘authority websites’ – they are often built as ‘pure’ out and out resources eg;  clubbing/travel guides, and will contain vast amounts of info on an entire subject – some even go beyond this and are search engines too.   

Eventdomain is the portal for the hospitality sector and delivers the following every single year:

108’000 visitors per year
45’000 page requests a month
2 million web visitors sent to clients
Over 10’000 registered event suppliers
180’000 results in Google alone
Many satisfied clients


so why not advertise with us today!

The popular website now officiallly gets in excess of 100’000 visitors a year.  Out of that, about an average of 400 daily pageviews are made by females aged between 25 & 34 and are Graduates.    

We think this was due to our story in the Daily Mirror, which reached about 8.5 million readers.   Not bad for a site that started out as an experiment to solve what we think is a very basic search problem on the internet.

The events website Eventdomain, is featured in the US – media website –  

Eventdomain continues to make internet news headlines and will expand further