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Party Organisers specialise in setting up parties.  Unlike event organisers who will design any event, the party organiser sticks to party planning for the private and business sectors.  This means the service between client and organiser is kept more personal, bespoke and well-drilled, thus a hopefully faster, better more quality result for clients.

Bespoke party planning often involves some sort of applied theme based on the event occassion eg:  spy games, circus party, fancy dress, drag event, casino party, James Bond etc.    So above all, the aim for party organisers is to ensure the smooth set-up and running of the event to its conclusion, leaving the client to enjoy themselves without worry.

Some events will require niche event set design, and hiring of other specialists which will add to the total cost of the event.  Party organsiers now offer a one-stop shop service, that even includes total event management, providing external supplies like the venue itself, catering and even arranging entertainment like DJ’s and bar service.   Some party organisers stock a wide range of event supplies already, and if budget is tight we suggest you seek out such providers.

The Party organiser will help you to:

1. Decide on a budget by determining the amount to spend on food, entertainment, venue hire, invitations and other details.

2. Plan your idea eg:  decide on your theme.  Make sure your theme is appropriate to the crowd for which you are planning.

3.  They can plan the guest list, the decor, menu, selecting vendors or just do some basic things for you.

don’t forget the party expert is there to help YOU, so listen to suggestions, tips and advice as they will want to do the best job they can in order to retain you as a customer.

We have a list of 337 event consultants to choose from, so you can plan your party quickly and easily.

In many companies, conference planning is combined with other promotional duties.

Very large companies may have their own conference departments with staff responsible for coordinating the arrangements for sales, staff conferences,  product launches and special events.  Other firms employ freelance conference organisers when they don’t have the resources or time for planning.

Conference Organisers select and book suitable venues, organise invitations and accommodation for the delegates.  They also deal with paperwork, arrange catering, reception facilities, any special equipment needed (such as video, projectors, lighting etc), media coverage and a host of other details.

Conference Centres and hotels that specialise in hosting conferences will have their own conference rooms, staff and have arrangements with external suppliers so the best service can be provided.

Event Organisers

Event Organisers or event planners now take on the whole event planning process.  They plan festivals, parties, even industry award evenings, which are likely held at hotels, reception halls or outdoors depending on the needs of the event.

Once the location is set, the event organiser needs to prepare the event with staff, set up any entertainment and keep in contact with the clients.   There are many event professionals, infact there are quite a few resources to use as a starting point like which has over 10’000 event suppliers listed, so you’ll always be sure to find a good conference supplier.

BB Conor

Housemate Conor McIntyre has hinted he may walk off the channel 5 show.

The fitness trainer discussed with other housemates that he could walk out of the house.  Conor survived last Friday’s eviction, responded badly about  losing Arron Lowe.

Sara McLean said “If you walk, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life”

Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling  claims he has no control over the Big Brother crowds.

“I don’t encourage the big brother audience to boo”    –  Since the BB series started in 2000, many contestants have been boo’d, and its a natural part of the show, but has been revealed as a quirk rather than something organised by the BB producers.


Arron Lowe has become the 5th contestant to be evicted from the big brother house.

He lost out to fellow eviction nominees:  Conor, Deana and Becky.   When it was announced, Arron shouted:  “Yeah, F**k off!”  and kicked a flag.

In his interview later he said,  “not really that bothered” from all the boos that greeted him.

He finished by saying that he wanted Becky out next and Conor to win.

Eventdomain  has been granted a Seal of Excellence Award by top internet marketing site – Majon International .    The award recognises ‘Overall Excellence’  by an internet-based service.    This is great news and we are happy to accept.

Majon seal of excellence

Business Awards 2012 logo

Popular Event website Eventdomain reaches a milestone.  The company has just made its 5th Final at a business awards event and can now turn its attention to future glory.  The event was held at the Broadway Theatre, Essex and hosted by TV Presenter Ray Stubbs.

The event, although local, has a fine history and is not easy to win nor end up shortlisted as a Finalist, so we are naturally proud at making our 2nd Final at this particular event.   The event was very professional, and its standing was justified by a big-name celebrity and major sponsers such as:  BusinessEast, Barking & Dagenham College and Lloyds TSB.


Lydia Louisa is the fourth contestant to be evicted from the big brother house.

She joins Benedict Garrett, Chris James etc during the public vote.  She didnt enjoy a warm reception with the audience booing at the mention of her name.

During her departure she said:  “Its okay, its okay.  I’m so happy to see him [Andy Lee], honestly, I cant wait to see him.

A new law has been proposed to force blogs and forums to reveal and give-up details of users who post defamatory content online.

A British woman won a court order forcing Facebook to identify users who had harassed her.

The new powers, to be added to the Defamation Bill, will force publishers to identify the trolls and abusers, to make it easier/less costly to bring a case for defamation.

Currently, in legal terms, every website “hit” – visit – on a defamatory article can be counted as a separate offence.  Source:  BBC