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As promised our user stats for 2011-2012.

ED had an average of 6000 page requests per sub-category, so that’s 6000 x 336 categories = 2’016’000 requests not including previous years.  A Rough guide of 50% of users clicking to client websites gives us a delivery of at least 1 million plus visitors.

On average we provide clients with 200 to 1000 clickthroughs to their websites.  This was achieved by our National Press coverage which went out to 8.5 million in 2008 and local coverage in 20 local newspapers in 2010/11 .    ED was also featured in Hotel business magazine, Marketing Week and Yahoo News

The popular event website Eventdomain is pleased to publish some of its stats.  During 2012 the percentage of bookmarks are as follows:

Jan – 52%

Feb – 35.9%

Mar – 55%

Apr – 100%

May –  74.8%

June –  100%

July –  100%

Aug –  100%

Sep –  93.9%

we are pleased that 4 months out of 12, we have a 100% bookmark rate.  This means that every visitor for nearly 5 months solid, likes the website and will return to use us.   We’ll be adding more stats as soon as we can collate them, there’s 8000 pages to sort through, but we’ll get there!