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Eventdomain reports increased traffic for the 2011/2012 period.    Our traffic went from 110’298 to 132’317   in that year.

Like we keep saying, our sites just keep getting stronger all the time.   January 2013 figures show 6000 + visitors for that month and we’ll easily break the 7’500 mark for Jan…..   On a side note, we are considering a 3rd huge portal –  and we WILL deliver on the fantastic services we are known for.

Keep checking back for more on our plans.

The highly popular website Eventdomain is pleased  that on average 26.7%  of visitors spend at least 1 full hour plus
every month searching its database – without fail.

In many cases they spend upto 5 hours at a time requesting its pages of event suppliers and party planners.

The biggest niche search engine in the world – Venuedomain, has 162’716 venues to search for!    Why not spread the word about venuedomain and never struggle to find venues again.

Our aim is to make venue finding easier, so it saves you time.