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100’000 visitors for Venuedomain (for 2014) and still 2 months traffic to go. Should reach 120k or so hopefully..

And with 419,670 page requests, it now rivals Eventdomain, and we expect it to reach 200’000 visitors under its own steam.   The engine will mean
some bad news for other search providers since we can not only target advertisers, but save searchers a ton of time when searching.

Corporate Events are various activities designed to build motivation within a work group and implant the mindset of trust and/or cohesion because companies believe it makes a team perform better, but its success depends on the type of activity on offer.

Groups of 7 to 12 of the team attends Corporate Events also known as team building weekends or days, usually down to the firm feeling a problem exists and needs sorting, which isnt always the case. Often team days arent arranged for purposes of reward or relaxation, but instead exist to force allegiance or forced group bonding when it isnt welcome or at the wrong time. Bad examples of corporate events are, boring team games like stupid trust exercises such as blindfolding someone and asking them to run as fast as they can into 2 other members – its boring and does nothing to inspire trust and has nothing to do with reward whatsoever.

Reward is an incentive for doing well, and when the team does good, they need decent, fun rewards like: Go Karting, Quad Bikes, Fun Casinos, Clay Pigeon Shooting etc and this is what Corporate Event suppliers provide.

Go Karting

A very fun sport too, did this myself at a friends stag do, the karts were petrol driven, single engine and capable of reaching 45 mph.  We raced at some Karting track, prices from £35 per person, had 10 races and got fastest lap.  An extra 5 races were thrown in at a reduced rate, so look out for offers if you decide on it.    But I can recommend it as a great corporate event day out for your team.

Quad Biking

Did this somewhere, cant remember where, but was ok, pretty fun but tough to control the bike as the corners were pretty tight. Not bad and better than silly team-based games or banging drums copying the instructor, like on many team days out.

Fun Casinos

If you’re into gambling, without the loss of real cash, then this is for you!   I did this at Rollerbowl Essex, the dealers were all proper Casino dealers and had to be licensed by law,  Its good fun and a real team type of event, played individually ofcourse…  usually held in the evening with large groups attending from one company at a time.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Nothing like watch a clay being blasted apart from a double-barrelled shotgun. You can shoot single and double traps. Using Baretta 12 gauge shotguns for about £35- £50ish for an amount of shots fired, and its good fun. Some clubs are owned/have National Shooting Champions and expert instructors that guide you through the event, with competitions being available.

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