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Even when times are tough, people are still spending and websites are growing in size, rep and traffic.

In just 4 days VD had a surge of 9,743 visitors, totalling 140k  plus of new traffic for the year who accessed 101,346  pages in December   looking
for venues all over the Uk and beyond.

This is great news for event supplier  advertisers looking for targeted traffic, and we’ll release our full traffic stats for 2014 in a few days time.   The total searches for both sites will be in excess of 1 million page requests guaranteed…  sure see its share of bad customers over the years, you know the type, the ones who take advertising/links, then claim they dont owe etc –  like the following bunchof  idiots Flavourz Event and Party Services, which we assume is a small, sole trader, but we’ll fill you in on this operation.

On the 7th Dec 2014,  they took a listing on Eventdomain, and they were supposed to pay us via bank transfer, but when we checked with our bank, obviously they didn’t, so we
fired off an invoice and waited – now usually companies contact us to arrange payment, but this one didn’t,  so we contacted them and the little girl (who answered)  went nuts, psycho infact demanding we remove her and how dare we charge her for a service she admits she signed upto – oh how awful!   well, not really as we are used to it, but got no chance of telling our side of things, infact when we mentioned that Trading Standards were on our side, and that we
have contract, and won our case against others in Court, she went nuts – nice huh, some people.

She then tried to make out she didnt know it was a paid service, hmmm, funny how our fees are clearly displayed throughout registration, in our terms and our advertise page – oh and don’t forget the huge purple graphic and flash viewer
as well – perhaps she’s blind or stupid, but likely both I suspect.   Terms & Conditions

Anyway, here’s the call transcript between Eventdomain and Flavourz so you can judge for yourselves:    Following our phone conversation today  19th December 2014 at 2:14pm:


The Call Conversation:

Eventdomain:   Hello,  we are calling today as we are one of your creditors, and you didnt pay us when you should have done.

Flavourz:  Right, and you are?

Eventdomain:     You took some advertising on one of our websites,

Flavourz;  Oh right, yes, er, we thought it was free, cos when we signed up right, it never said it was paid.

Eventdomain:   Well, it says so on all our registration pages, so its imposible to miss that, and we can prove it.

Flavourz:          But we didnt want to pay, so why cant you just remove us:

Eventdomain:  Sorry, it doesnt work that way, we provided a service to you and you must pay us, as we have contract.

Flavourz:   We arent going to pay you.

Eventdomain:   But we have a contract, you automatically signed up to when you registered to us.

Flavourz:  Yes, I did sign up, when I signed up I thought it was free.  I dont care, I dont care, I’m not paying you.

Eventdomain:   But we have an online contract, with Trading Standards backing me up.

Flavourz:    Whats an online contract?  yes, but when I signed up, why didnt you take payment online?   others take online payment.

Eventdomain:   you got an invoice and letter, sent on the 15th Dec to and the full details of how to pay were on the site when you signed up.

Flavourz:   No they werent, No they werent…

Eventdomain:   yes they are, in about 6 different places, and also links from the homepage eg:


We then sent an email to Flavourz Event and Party Services:

Let me explain, as amicable as I wanted the comms to go, you chose to have a slagging match in the hope it will make this go away – I assure you, this will NOT be going away.   Let me show you proof of what happens and what we did to others when we took legal action: (please see attachment).   We will prove our paid services, that you knew about them and yet still signed up and took our service.  In doing so, we have an online contract and this is Trading Standards view on Eventdomain vs Debtors:

The main problem with t&c’s is whether they are part of a contract.  If they are referenced in a signature box or you cannot proceed to contractually agree without clicking that you have read and agree to abide by the t&c’s, then they are part of the contract.  Of course, whether Click4 Cabs is worth suing is another matter but it looks as if you have a legal right to claim from them.


This is good evidence from a Government agency, backing Eventdomain up saying we have a contract and right to claim.    So we can do this amicably, you can do the right thing and pay, or we take further action, which you won’t enjoy, no matter how much you claim you don’t care.    It costs just £25 to begin action against you, so you might want to consider your options plus we have other options we are fully prepared to use, if you fail to pay us.

Also you may want to view our full Terms, just so you wont be able to act or claim innocence in this:

You are advised to pay via bank transfer today:

Failure to pay will result in action

Kind regards