We love this sector, worked in it for years even before setting up our own company – so am amazed when visiting some Public house venues this week, that quite a few weren’t activly promoting themselves effectively, and in some cases, not at all, at least online anyway.

One in particular, failed to even have a web page devoted to their function room – now why?  The function room website looked professionally designed, so I took a look at its venue page,  but when viewing,  it was almost lacking information like:  Venue room sizes, Hire fees and zero images to sell it to me.   

This is underselling so bad,  when a half-decent effort, some text and images could turn it around and sell this room for £150/£200 a time, and if they sold it just 100  times a year @ £150, it would make them an extra £15’000  – and that’s only 100 bookings, which is small fry compared to what they could do as most Pubs have more than one function room.

You know, bit of advertising in the right media like www.Eventdomain.co.uk   and they could be coining it in……

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