Some hotels in London are not just places to rest your weary head they are destinations in themselves – the fact that they are in the one of the greatest cities in the world is a bonus. The great iconic hotels in London have seen it all, here are just a few anecdotes and facts from a handful of the great hotels in London.

One of the coolest rock and roll hotels in London has to be The Portobello in Notting Hill Gate. A bohemian heaven and one of the few hotels in London that doesn’t really court publicity but attracts the coolest of the cool. Of all of the hotels in London this hotel in London was the one that Kate Moss and Johnny Depp indulged in a lovely bubbly champagne bath together.

Hotels in London are renowned for their character, The Gore in Kensington most definitely falls into this hotels in London category. It is said that this hotel in London has over 5,000 pictures on its walls and is (we believe) the only one of the many hotels in London to boast Judy Garland’s bed!

Massive mega stars love hotels in London for a number of reasons – but perhaps for high profile guests like Madonna one of the most important attributes for these kinds of hotels in London must be privacy – The Berkley is one of these hotels in London. Probably one most stylish hotels in London, each of the 214 rooms has been individually designed by leading design experts. The Berkeley is also home to the Blue Bar and a has magnificent roof top pool.

If you really want to be in with the ‘in crowd’ why find one of the hotels in London that is actually owned and designed by a member of the ‘in crowd’. The perfect example of these kinds of hotels in London has to be the Anouschka Hempel designed Blakes and The Hempel. Blakes in South Kensington is one of the hotels in London that has been attracting the great and the good of the entertainment world for decades. It is one of the hotels in London that pays extraordinary attention to every little detail – each room is different and totally unique. From the same hotels in London stable, The Hempel is a shrine to state of the art design, of all of the hotels in London this is probably one of the most serene in its own unique way.

If you really want to live it up like a mega star head to The Metropolitan. This hotel in London has seen them all – Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Julia Roberts, George Clooney – the guest list of this hotel in London reads like an Oscar nomination list.

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