Venue finding is a lengthy process taking anything upto 4 months to secure a basic function room locally. This is because venues and function rooms can be booked for upto 24 months in advance for Corporate/Business Events or Private Parties and Celebrations, so ensure you allow lots of time just for the venue search alone – as extra time is needed to track down event suppliers as well. 

When party planning for instance, it took me 4 months to source a basic pub function room, with the never-ending enquires checking availability, being fobbed off by inexperienced staff, the pub manager not being available, venues being over budget or just not the right theme or capacity – this cannot be avoided and is part of what you must endure when hunting for venues.



I suggest these tips when venue hunting:


1. Start with a list of at least 30 venues (many will be booked up during popular periods eg: April, June, July and December).

2. Search for the Venue first – it’s the most important thing when event planning!

3. Do consider the time involved for booking any Event supplies you may need eg: DJ, Caterers, Restaurant etc.

4. Public House venues usually ‘open up’ the bar, so an additional drinks service isn’t needed. Some know local suppliers such as Djs, and can arrange this for you, others can supply a buffet, and furniture etc. Do check for any extra costs when being offered local services arranged by the venue.

5. Try and get a venue that’s local, consider travel time to and from the venue, plus local ones will be cheaper than say the West End of London.

6. Try and source a venue/function room on the ground floor – if possible…..


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