In many companies, conference planning is combined with other promotional duties.

Very large companies may have their own conference departments with staff responsible for coordinating the arrangements for sales, staff conferences,  product launches and special events.  Other firms employ freelance conference organisers when they don’t have the resources or time for planning.

Conference Organisers select and book suitable venues, organise invitations and accommodation for the delegates.  They also deal with paperwork, arrange catering, reception facilities, any special equipment needed (such as video, projectors, lighting etc), media coverage and a host of other details.

Conference Centres and hotels that specialise in hosting conferences will have their own conference rooms, staff and have arrangements with external suppliers so the best service can be provided.

Event Organisers

Event Organisers or event planners now take on the whole event planning process.  They plan festivals, parties, even industry award evenings, which are likely held at hotels, reception halls or outdoors depending on the needs of the event.

Once the location is set, the event organiser needs to prepare the event with staff, set up any entertainment and keep in contact with the clients.   There are many event professionals, infact there are quite a few resources to use as a starting point like which has over 10’000 event suppliers listed, so you’ll always be sure to find a good conference supplier.

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