>>  County Court Judgement (CCJ)  –  Bad Debtor  – do not trust this company as they lost in County Court  Ref:  B9QZ5A91

Click4cab is a bad, dodgy debtor and now has a CCJ against their name for non payment of the debt to Eventdomain.

The director’s name is Ali Quereshi       This is what we believe he looks like:

Ali Qureshi  Director  Click4Cab Ltd

>  County Court details of claim:

Do not trust this company or supply them with services.  Like all gutless debtors, the director has ‘done a runner’ to Lahore, Pakistan, but we believe his company still operates within the UK.

On 15th August and 19th August 2014, 2 listings were submitted to Eventdomain from Click4Cab Ltd, these are their clients Godalming Taxi and Guilldford Taxi. (Doc 1 & 2). An online contract was agreed to on the 15th & 19th August 2014 (Docs 19,26,27,28,29,30)

On 3rd September, invoices 1308/1309 sent – no reply (Doc 3 & 4)

On 8th September, invoices 1310/1311 sent – no reply (Doc 5 & 1)

On 11th September, invoices 1312/1313 sent – no reply (Doc 6 & 7)

Barking Trading Standards say its Click4Cab who is the legal advertiser. (Doc 18)

We can prove that Click4Marketing promotes Click4Cab on its Facebook page , and Click4Marketing were hired by Click4Cab. (Doc 17).

On 24th October, invoices for both Godalming/Guildford Taxi listings requesting payment were sent – no reply (Doc 20 & 21)

On 27th October, invoices and letters sent requesting full payment of £660 to Mr Ali – no reply. (Doc 22 & 23)

On 21st & 24th Feb 2015, invoices and letters sent requesting full payment which now stands at £740, no reply from Mr Ali.

On 12th Sept 2015 a 3rd listing was submitted from Click4Cab Ltd, this is their client Frimley Taxis. On 25th April 2015, invoice sent for a third listing of their client – Frimley Taxis..

>>   A County Court Judgement was awarded against Click4Cab Ltd on 20th May 2015 for £890.00  + £60 court costs and further interest.

One of the world’s largest websites, Venuedomain.com has finally confirmed its popularity.   The site has now received in excess of 1’755’076 page requests, so far and will break the
2 million mark in 2016.   So why not advertise your venue or hotel with us today, as over 900  suppliers have already done so.

Traffic stats are available on request to prove our visitor activity.

The world’s biggest search engine for venues and hotels, Venuedomain reaches 200,013 visitors, with three and a half months to go until the new year, we anticipate in excess of 220’ooo at least and should do that comfortably.

We are currently working on a new idea and will report when this is finalised,  shhhhh – we aren’t saying what it will be,  but it will be something interesting, innovative and targeted as it should be on the web.

The worlds biggest portal for Venue related info just increased its visitors by 30’000 for July/Aug , and looks set to break 200k for 2015.

Here are the visitor  stats on Venuedomain for 2012 to 2015:

VD visitors –

2012 – 9,301

2013 – 46,470

2014 – 145,405

2015 – 123,714  (Apr 2015)   with 7 months still to go.

it was slow to start ofcourse, but Venuedomain was a brand new engine in 09/10, so it takes at least 2 years to establish itself link-wise, page rank and attract
its loyal followers.  Now VD get over 500k of page requests so far each year, which is all word of mouth.

Its 10 years since Eventdomain went live online, and makes us one of the oldest websites on the web.  Since our innovative climb, we’ve had meetings with MD’s, Professional Institutes, Charities etc, been in the National media, gained branded clients such as Dettol and Securitas, had millions of views and hundreds of thousands of visitors.   ED’s won awards, been a national finalist, a ton of local media and made profits, plus expanded the company with a real search engine called Venuedomain.com, paid for out of profits.    We estimate we’ll make 100k in profit within the next 3 years just from Eventdomain alone, and will expand further into publishing online.

Katie Price BB 2

Reports are circulating that Katie Price is to get £500k to enter the house this year.   Is this not a teeny tiny tad too much for an appearance fee?    Oh well, that’s the game I suppose.

The worlds biggest search tool for venues hits another milestone – we just achieved 100k’s worth of page requests in just 11 days.

This is a great start for the new year and marks the start for great things in the future for this niche promotion company.

As we approach our 10th year online,  we thought we’d post our traffic stats as a regular thing.

We’ve done it!  done what we set out to do which is reach 1 million page views for an online directory.    What started out as a partial bet/problem solver has turned into a million visitor website and into the
National media.    Not only that, but we doubled our success with our second engine, Venuedomain and now know we can move upwards of that figure easily, so our advertisers will be pleased to hear that.

Pageviews for 2014

2012 –  236,466

2013 –  699,311

2014 –  776, 425

dont forget, we are missing 6 years of stats eg:  2005 – 2011,  so we estimate the total to be in excess of 14 million page requests throughout Eventdomain’s lifetime so far.

Even when times are tough, people are still spending and websites are growing in size, rep and traffic.

In just 4 days VD had a surge of 9,743 visitors, totalling 140k  plus of new traffic for the year who accessed 101,346  pages in December   looking
for venues all over the Uk and beyond.

This is great news for event supplier  advertisers looking for targeted traffic, and we’ll release our full traffic stats for 2014 in a few days time.   The total searches for both sites will be in excess of 1 million page requests guaranteed…