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Eventdomain’s sister site, got 228,950  page requests for June 2016.   This comes close to January’s figure of 250,475 requests, and we should reach this on a per monthly basis by 2017, which proves our sites work – so we wish to thank all our searchers –  Thank You!

Eventdomain story gets on – a major global digital media network with 43,000+ content creators in 200 countries around the world. Reaching an audience of millions of monthly visitors

Business Awards 2012 logo

Popular Event website Eventdomain reaches a milestone.  The company has just made its 5th Final at a business awards event and can now turn its attention to future glory.  The event was held at the Broadway Theatre, Essex and hosted by TV Presenter Ray Stubbs.

The event, although local, has a fine history and is not easy to win nor end up shortlisted as a Finalist, so we are naturally proud at making our 2nd Final at this particular event.   The event was very professional, and its standing was justified by a big-name celebrity and major sponsers such as:  BusinessEast, Barking & Dagenham College and Lloyds TSB.

Since we founded way back in 2005, Eventdomain had success that few online directories can dream about.

Here is a tiny fraction of the business sites who chose to  advertise:

Academy Events, B-i-Marketing,  Pink Lily Events,  Cleaning Logistics,  Ashford Tyrrell,  Vectisvibe,,  Indulgent Events,  Abbey Catering Equipment,  Izabelle Ltd,  Bag-it,,,  NewMobilePhoneDeals,  Dancing in the Dark Disco ,  Select Services,  Elegance On Ice,  Rochester Queen,  Pair Pair,  Unique Translation Services,  Bored of the high st,  Cyberthink Ltd,  Perry Online,  MarketingDataLtd,  Incom-business-systems,

The above is a tiny slice out of the 10’000 plus event suppliers that benefit from Eventdomain.   ED went onto some fame in the national media such as The Daily Mirror and Yahoo News,  something few businesses ever get to experience, never mind a directory!

we then went onto appear at top business award competitions being awarded no less than 4 Final spots including a National Finalist placing at the Virtual Business Awards –  Sponsored by People Per    We scooped our first online award  here:


2010 also saw the launch of our 2nd search engine –  rounding off a pretty successful year in 2010….

2011 was about Venuedomain and was all systems go, and we pretty much achieved everything that we set out to do, as Venuedomain gets local news coverage in the Ilford Recorder and indexes 500’000 pages of venue/venue related information.

Eventdomain has  got a partnership with LateRooms, although some think we’ve made it all up – SO, here is the very email as evidence.

—– Original Message —–

From: Colin Osborne

To:   Eventdomain

Sent: Monday, March 28, 2011 10:08 AM


Hi Chris

I see you are part of our partner programme, thank you for this!

This is just a quick email to say welcome on board and moving forward if you need anything please do not hesitate to ask myself directly.

Just one question if I may, I know you have listed us on the bottom left hand side for “New companies” etc, do you plan to integrate us with your hotels section as well?

Thanks Chris

Kind regards,

Colin Osborne

Partnership Sales Executive

T: +44 (0) 161 603 2366

M: +44 (0) 7852 293147

W: has added an ‘enquiries sender’ functionality to its website.    Its basically a form attached to every client account, where searchers can send actual enquiries straight to advertisers inboxes.

Although not a new thing for the web, Eventdomain thought it would be a good upgrade for clients, so visitors can contact them directly, as well as being able to visit websites and phone through enquiries.

Everyone knows roughly what a search engine is right? or do they….. Yeah, we know they use bots to collect website info, but few know how they truly work, and unless you own one, you’ll never know anything beyond limited very basic common knowledge floating about the web. So lets examine what search engines are:

Search engines are starting points a collection of links or pages from websites to suit a common purpose eg: a user seaches for Hospitality companies – thats just one definition. Search engines search through content from web pages and indexes (saves) these pages for later use – this is free exposure for life, very limited exposure yes, but free none the less.

Search engines all work from a database, just like a directory does, but much larger with hundreds of thousands of results, and often millions. Its will query its own database and return a list of results or ‘hits’ – for example if you search Google for keyphrase – Venuedomain – here’s what comes up on top:

Search Results Venue domain: Reception, Venues, Venues UK, Venue Hire, Conference …

Venue, reception, venues, venue hire, business centre, business conference, celebration, conference centre, exhibition, functions, function, function rooms, …

The top line tells us the company name or site, description then page address. If the webpage suits, click on the url to visit. Reason its so quick is engines dont search live websites or pages, its just searching its own database, stored on web servers. The database indexes info compiled by a bot or crawler and each bot is totally individual and follows set rules about what gets indexed. For example, Venuedomain only indexes venue-related websites, other engines have their own rules and these rules or orders determine what gets indexed and what doesn’t. So the type of info or industry content decides how big each engine’s results/content will be, and thus how much is offered to the searcher.

Currently, has 513,000 pages of information on venues and hotels.

Because of the huge size of the web (some 4 million webpages indexed per month) its not possible for crawlers to house the entire www – let alone every word on every website, so many sites go without adequate exposure. Basically you can only search a limited snapshot taken by each individual engine, and is why some engines show different results depending on what has been indexed, so you can never get that perfect result – ever. This is why niche or subject engines exist – they drill down or supply the precise results of websites you need – much faster than general engines can, so if you know of such tools, they should be your first port of call.

This article is owned by Chris Given of and is not to be republished, rewritten or altered in any way without written permission.

Eventdomain is the Search face of the Event sector, as such we’ve ‘been around’ and got the t-shirt, but as yet we are still waiting for our first major awards win, but have made some impressive Final spots!

This makes us a 4-time Finalist in business award competitions, 1 local,  2 time at Regional level and another at National level, making us one of the very best businesses in the UK.   Our positions are as follows:

Thames Gateway Awards 2009 –  Innovation
London Business Awards 2010 –  On-line Business of the Year
Virtual Business Awards  2010 –   National Finalist
B&D Business Awards 2011 – Finalist

still waiting for that major awards title, can we do it?   surely we cannot be denied….  watch this space

The events website Eventdomain, is featured in the US – media website –  

Eventdomain continues to make internet news headlines and will expand further

Not many know that universities offer Conference & Event venues, so Eventdomain has invited 34 uni’s to show what they offer.

The uni’s have quite established event backgrounds in their own right, and can offer businesses top conference facilities and services like the  – something that businesses may not have considered outside the traditional venue finding route.   Here are some Education venues we strongly promote and the traffic we send them each year:

University of Oxford  –  165 visitors sent

University Hertfordshire  –  217 visitors sent

University of  Bedfordshire  –  144 visitors sent

University of London  –  158  visitors sent

University of York  –  182

so if your a college or university, please consider  for your venue promotion today!