Posts Tagged ‘visitors’ gets 850,033 page requests for 2017 – so far…..   Can we reach 1 million for this year?    We did it for 2016 with Statistics of 1,716,147 page requests, so a million searches is possible.

Venuedomain reaches 250,475 page requests so far by Feb 2016.  We expect to reach 1 million mark by May,   which is great news for advertisers.

Eventdomain gets huge influx of account members now using the website.  They signed up over a 3 year period – so about 500 per year which is great news, and further proves the popularity of niche websites.

ED now looks forward to a very successful future, but realises it cannot remain relaxed as more work is needed.   A positive is that ED now gets an extra 20’000 visitors per year, and feel we can reach 200k by 2015.

Eventdomain does it again delivering to its top advertiser – Laterooms, with visitors checking out their pages via the Eventdomain website.  Laterooms account pages now read at a massive 6’660 requests for the 2011/2012 period.

The popular event website Eventdomain is pleased to publish some of its stats.  During 2012 the percentage of bookmarks are as follows:

Jan – 52%

Feb – 35.9%

Mar – 55%

Apr – 100%

May –  74.8%

June –  100%

July –  100%

Aug –  100%

Sep –  93.9%

we are pleased that 4 months out of 12, we have a 100% bookmark rate.  This means that every visitor for nearly 5 months solid, likes the website and will return to use us.   We’ll be adding more stats as soon as we can collate them, there’s 8000 pages to sort through, but we’ll get there!

The popular website now officiallly gets in excess of 100’000 visitors a year.  Out of that, about an average of 400 daily pageviews are made by females aged between 25 & 34 and are Graduates.    

We think this was due to our story in the Daily Mirror, which reached about 8.5 million readers.   Not bad for a site that started out as an experiment to solve what we think is a very basic search problem on the internet.

The events website Eventdomain, is featured in the US – media website –  

Eventdomain continues to make internet news headlines and will expand further

Eventdomain has recently gained its 10’000th supplier in May.   Our latest supplier that advertised on ED, has taken our database to 10’221 companies, which is fantastic news and is perfect timing as we’re about to launch a 2nd search engine and go from being a National directory company to a Worldwide operator and provide even more to clients and searchers.

2005/06 was Eventdomain’s best year to date with 800’596 searches using our engine.  We average about 11’000 visitors per month, with over 50% regularly making return visits searching for business services and products.

This makes us the portal of choice for the Hospitality Industry.